Jenny H. Endresen, otherwise known as `The Sauerkraut Missionary´, was born in 1965 and grew up in the infamous New York City suburb of Westport, Connecticut. After attending film school at New York University, she studied with a sculptor at his private studio in Fort Thomas, Kentucky and later met the legendary Kentucky author, artist, and homesteader, Harlan Hubbard. A close friend of her teacher and author/ farmer Wendell Berry, Harlan Hubbard was also renowned as `the 20th century Thoreau´. Visiting his roadless, non-electrified and hand-hewn cabin in the woods made a strong impression upon the young suburbanite, who then and there decided that a life of simplicity and self-sufficiency would hereafter be her own path to follow in life. Packing her high heels, red lipstick, pearl earrings, and Chanel suits away in boxes, she spent the next four years in lonely, windswept places in search of `the simple life´ (a fishing village on the north-west coast of Scotland and a remote island off the coast of Maine), before settling for two decades in Norway, where she has pursued self-sufficiency to all manner of extremes. Jenny has studied, both formally and informally, myriad Norwegian and Swedish farming traditions and handicrafts (among them weaving, spinning, basket-making, embroidery, ham-can altar construction, and bottle cap candle-holder creating), food culture, and folk art, whilst on her non-electrified and roadless, horse-powered mountain farm  she has learned via trial and error such skills as food preservation, beekeeping, organic gardening, sauerkraut-, soap-, and cheese-making, sock-darning, folk costume sewing, and much more. Admittedly a jack of all trades and master of none, she also must add epistology, existentialism, and the making of art to her list of passions. However, after an agonizing `mid-life crisis´, she realized that the sorely missing ingredient in her life was a community of like-minded souls. Hence, a new chapter unfolds in her thus-far terribly exciting life, as she forsakes the Norwegian hinterlands and returns to her Homeland. Jenny plans on settling in the Putney, Vermont vicinity for the second half of her life, where she hopes to continue milking goats, gardening, weaving, making art, and contributing to the community with her skills in multifarious, inspired ways.
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